Established in 1977, Madewell Engineering (H.K.) Company Limited, Previously known as Madewell Engineering Company, specializing in the supply of full range of superb quality commercial and industrial laundry equipment and products, as well as tender of professional laundry-related services in Hong Kong, mainland China and other major markets in Southeast Asia. To meet the increasing market demand and to cope with future business expansion, the company was incorporated as a limited organization in August 1998.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with own storage facilities, we are supported by an experienced team and a well-organized operation structure comprising representative offices in Macau, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian of mainland China.
With marketing and distribution of branded laundry equipment and products as mainstream, our business can be diversified into the following five main groups:
1.Supply of laundry equipment and products made by well-known manufacturers all over the world, such as:

a. Equipment

  • steam boilers and hot water systems
  • washing machines, tumblers, flatwork ironers and marking machines, from small to large capacities, and also material handling trucks, air compressors and scales
  • Dry cleaning machines, presses and vacuum drysets

b. Chemicals

  • laundry detergents
  • stain removers
  • other laundry chemicals
2.Planning and designing of laundry projects
3.Installation of laundry equipment
4.Maintenance and repair of laundry machines
5.Supply of spare parts and accessories
Throughout these years, our efforts and contributions have been proved to be widely recognised, not only via the exclusive agency and distribution rights granted by overseas principals, but also through the establishment of a long-term amicable relationship with our valued customers, including hotels, hospitals, commercial and industrial laundry institutions, laundromats and even the Hong Kong Government.
We are confident that, with 25 year's solid experience and expertise in this field, our excellent quality products and top class services will enable us to guarantee full satisfaction to our customers.